Bus Error PHP-FPM

Recently I got this error on one of my VPS. Looks like it’s on cron with message “bus error” on PHP-FPM: [ -x /usr/lib/php5/maxlifetime ] && [ -d /var/lib/php5 ] && find /var/lib/php5/ -depth -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -type f -ignore_readdir_race -cmin +$(/usr/lib/php5/maxlifetime) ! -execdir fuser -s {} 2>/dev/null \; -delete

Check Swap for Running Processes on Linux

Checking for swap can be done with htop or top, but top faked the swap info. Here’s a handy bash script you can use to find out which processes are swapping on your linux box:

Speed Up Wordpress with OPCache

Speed Up WordPress with OPCache

For many years, I have been using APC for opcode accelerator and hate the fragmentation which build up over time and slowing things down. Luckily, now there’s OPCache from Zend which goes open source giving extra boost for PHP application. Coupled with redis, WordPress will fly faster.

How to Speed Up WordPress with Redis

If you’ve heard about memcached, than redis is the new trend. With redis you can setup full-page cache without ever going to execute database. Here’s how:

How to Setup Debian DNS Server

Today I’m moving this blog to LEB in RamNode. Due to memory resource, Debian should be more than enough to handle traffic from this blog. Because RamNode doesn’t have dns service, so I should be getting to setup my own DNS Server. Setup DNS Server on Debian is very easy, but you might find other […]

MaxCDN, S3, CloudFront and CloudFlare Review

I’ve been using these services for at least a month before reviewing this. MaxCDN, S3, CloudFront and CloudFlare are CDN service, although I must say that CloudFlare acts differently as a security and CDN at the same time with a plus to other services. Looked around for the best CDN I could get and fit […]

RIM Reportedly Selling BlackBerry PlayBook to Staff for only $99

The Verge is exposing that RIM workers are now able to find the PlayBook at sharp reductions. The announced costs are $100 for your 16GB release, $150 for the 32GB, and $200 for that 64GB unit. If your HP TouchPad taught the entire world anything, it’s that men and women suddenly turn into a ton […]

HP Releasing 7-inch TouchPad in August?

Momentum is building before the 9.7in HP TouchPad’s arrival in great britain next month, and now we’re hearing HP may be getting ready to double documented on its webOS slate ambitions and to liberate 7in tablet too. An anticipated to grow reports priced with the Taiwanese Economic News, HP might soon come up with a […]

Sony Vaio F, S Series Laptops

Sony Vaio F and Sony Vaio S Series laptops have been introduced to the world. The lightweight Sony S Series Vaio offers 15 hours of battery, while the widescreen F Series is suitable for gamers and movie watching.